Cosmetics & Toiletries

Save on herbal hair dyes, Indian soaps, and all-natural balms at TT Asian Grocery of Overland Park, Kansas. We offer a wide variety of imported products to meet your needs, including fresh moringa Leaf from Hawaii every week (in-store only).
Rani Kone Henna Body Decoration Paste
Cosmetics & Toiletries
• Dabur Red™ Toothpaste
• Meswak™ Toothpaste 
• Vicco™ Toothpowder
• Monkey Black™ Toothpowder 
• Chicco™ Toothpaste
Balms & Oils for External Use & Cooking
• Siddhalepa™
• Flying Tiger Cub Balm 
• Flying White Tiger Cub Balm 
• Amrutanjan Dettol
• Vicks™ 
• Eucalyptus Oils
• Clove Oil
• Tea Tree Oil
• Neem Oil
• Coconut Oil 
• Virgin Coconut Oil
• Almond Oil
• Mustard Oil
• Sesame Oil
• Sunflower Oil